Crispy pepperoni sausage crumb recipe

Crispy pepperoni sausage crumb recipe

Have you ever tasted crunchy onion farofa? And Calabrian farofa? In this step-by-step farofa recipe in pictures, we combine the two ingredients and the result is a crunchy pepperoni sausage farofa that you can't miss making!

This crunchy farofinha is prepared over low heat, to well fry the onion, garlic and pepperoni, avoiding burning. When these ingredients are golden and crunchy, it's time to add the flour and cook it until it absorbs the flavors and is loose too. This is a great recipe for barbecue farofa with pepperoni because it goes well with meat dishes. Try it!

Ingredients for making crunchy pepperoni sausage crumbs:

 400 grams of cassava flour

 6 large garlic cloves

 1 chopped onion

 1 pepperoni chopped into cubes

 1 strand of oil

 salt to taste

How to make crunchy pepperoni sausage crumbs:

Start by frying the garlic, onion and pepperoni, with an amount of oil to cover them. Fry over low heat for about 10 minutes, mixing occasionally.

Tip: Add garlic 5 minutes after adding the onion and pepperoni as it will fry faster and may end up burning.

When these ingredients are golden, as in the photograph, add a quantity of the flour, mix well, then add the rest. Mix well for another minute and add salt.

When the flour is also crunchy and loose, your pepperoni crunchy farofa is ready! Serve as an accompaniment to your meals and good appetite.

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the secret for the flour to become crunchy is the time of the oil in the fire, that's why low heat and slow frying

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